Caribbean Spaceport: Your Tropical Gateway to Space

Suborbital Personal Spaceflight will become one of the most exciting action-packed holiday adventures of the coming 10 years with a predicted market in 2021 of 1 billion dollars per year.

With its excellent tourism facilities and high-end aerospace infrastructure already in place, the beautiful Netherlands Antilles island Curacao offers the perfect location to serve this promising emerging Personal Spaceflight market as well as Scientific and Educational Spaceflight missions. Reciprocally, the development and operations of a spaceport on Curacao bring great benefits to the local economy of the island and will attract larger numbers of tourist visits per year.

Caribbean Spaceport, a Spaceport Partners project, is working closely with governmental and business institutions toward the goal of developing a fully operational spaceport by the year 2014.


about us

Caribbean Spaceport, a Spaceport Partners project, its mission is to develop a spaceport facility on the Netherlands Antilles island Curacao in order to service the exciting new and upcoming Personal Space Flight market as well as the Scientific and Educational market, the expanding Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Small Satellite market and Rapid Response Launch market. more..



News: meetings with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, with Virgin Galactic CEO Will Whitehorn and with XCOR astronaut Per Wimmer. Caribbean Spaceport Design presentation to Sir Richard Branson. more..

Media: Caribbean Spaceport featured in a wide variety of media such as prime time NOS TV news (NOS 8 uur Journaal), Algemeen Dagblad, RTL-Z, Intermediair (March 2010) and more..


why caribbean?

The beautiful Caribbean island Curacao offers a headstart for spaceport development and operations by combining all the benefits of its tropical setting with an excellent technical, logistical, legal and tourism infrastructure, stable climate, low lattitude and more..


space experience

During suborbital personal spaceflight passengers will be launched with a specially developed flight system to a minimum height of 100 km above the surface of the Earth.

During the spaceflight the sky will turn black and full of stars, several minutes of weightlessness will be experienced and the curvature of the earth with its precious thin layer of atmosphere will be visible. experience more..