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The global market for suborbital human space flight consists initially of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs); people with a High Net Worth over USD1 million.

Studies by Capgemini and Merrill & Lynch in 2007 estimated the adressable market of HNWI's at 9.5 million worldwide in 2007 and forecasted this market to grow at an average of 7.2% in the next five years.

Studies by Futron Corporation show a 12% keen interest for private spaceflight among the addressable HNWI market at a cost of USD150.000 per ticket. Based on these studies a market for suborbital personal spaceflight in 2021 of USD1 billion per year is forecasted.

Additionally, suborbital spaceflight offers a host of competitive opportunities for the scientific spaceflight market, including atmosphere and climate research, microgravity experiments, astronaut training, reconnaissance flights and small satellite launches. This market is expected to match or even exceed the personal spaceflight market over the coming ten years.

Investment opportunity

Caribbean Spaceport’s location offers a number of advantages compared to alternative spaceport locations. Using the existing high tech infrastructure of Hato International Airport of Curacao entails a considerable reduction of costs and risks of the first investment in comparison to a completely newly designed and built Spaceport. Hato’s runway of 3.5 km is the longest of the Caribbean and facilitates launches for all suborbital spacecraft currently in development.

The development plan of Hato International Airport shows an ambitious future planning which matches the ambition of the Caribbean Spaceport development. The real estate for the spaceport facilities is available and the Hato International Airport authorities (Curacao Airport Holding LINK) support the plans for the creation of a new spaceport.

Generally Curacao offers an attractive setting with a fully developed tourism infrastructure. Complemented with the benefits of its Dutch logistical, legal and business framework, Curacao guarantees an attractive, save, credible and reliable environment for personal spaceflight participants, business and investors alike.

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news & media

News: meetings with XCOR astronaut Per Wimmer, with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and with Virgin Galactic CEO Will Whitehorn. Caribbean Spaceport Design presentation to Sir Richard Branson. More..

Media: Caribbean Spaceport featured in a wide variety of media such as prime time NOS TV news (NOS 8 uur Journaal), Algemeen Dagblad, RTL-Z and More..

about us

Caribbean Spaceport’s mission is to develop a spaceport facility on the Netherlands Antilles island Curacao in order to serve the exciting upcoming Personal Spaceflight market as well as the Scientific and expanding Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Small Satellite market. More..

why caribbean?

The spaceport location at the beautiful tropical Caribbean island Curacao will offer all the options of a complete luxurious holiday package including a suborbital spaceflight for initially the high-end market (HNWIs). More..


Caribbean Spaceport will serve the exciting upcoming Personal Spaceflight market as well as the Scientific, Educational and expanding Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Small Satellite market. More..

personal spaceflight

During suborbital spaceflight passengers will be launched with a specially developed flight system to a minimum height of 100 km above the surface of the Earth. More..