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Due to it’s location and technical infrastructure Caribbean Spaceport will be the perfect venue for a variety of commercial space launch services including serving Personal Spaceflight, Scientific missions and Small Satellite launches:

Sub-orbital human spaceflight will become one of the most exciting action-packed holidays for the coming 10 years with a predicted market in 2021 of 1 billion dollars per year. With the emergence of this promising market the need for spaceports able to serve the airlines of space travel becomes increasingly apparent.

Traditional spaceports serve exclusively governmental and large commercial communication/navigation launches. The costs for these launches are prohibitive for the development of Space Tourism. Currently commercial spaceports are being developed in less-developed areas with limited infrastructure for the space tourist and accompanying visitors.

The unique location of Curacao enables the combination of highly luxurious holidays with the experience of a lifetime; a suborbital spaceflight. The full end-state spaceport will have facilities for training the space explorers, a SpaceExpo, entertainment, bars and restaurants and shopping mall for visitors accompanying the space tourist. The development of a spaceport will bring tremendous benefits to the local economy of the island and will lead even larger numbers of tourist visits per year.

In addition to bringing people into space, the Caribbean is also a prime location to launch small satellites into an orbit around the Earth. Being close to the earth’s equator the launch vehicles make maximum usage of the rotation of the Earth and will enable the launch of more massive satellites with the same launch system compared to places like Spaceport America or Sweden which are located at higher latitudes.

Personal Spaceflight

Suborbital spaceflight: during a suborbital spaceflight passengers will be launched with a specially developed flight system to a minimum height of 100 km above the surface of the Earth. The total flight duration will be if the order of a few hours, passengers will experience zero gravity and an incredible view of the earth from space and become official astronauts. Passengers will depart from and return to the same spaceport.

Caribbean Spaceport advocates combining personal spaceflight missions with scientific goals like biomedical and materials microgravity research, climate monitoring and atmosphere research.

Operational Responsive Spaceflight

This type of spaceflight is related to the launch of small rapidly developed unmanned spacecraft for e.g. natural disaster monitoring, battlefield observation and remote sensing. The launch of such a satellite can be done within 3 days from making the decision to launch.

Small satellites launches

Launching services for satellites with a maximum mass of 200 kg. Large commercial communication satellites take more than 3 years to develop and need large expensive rockets to be brought into space. Microsatellites can be developed faster, cheaper and can be rapidly launched on demand. Current design of various suborbital vehicles incorporates secondary small satellite launch capability. Due to its equator proximity (12.7 degrees latitude) the Dutch Caribbean is an excellent energy saving location for secondary orbital launches.

news & media

News: meetings with XCOR astronaut Per Wimmer, with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and with Virgin Galactic CEO Will Whitehorn. Caribbean Spaceport Design presentation to Sir Richard Branson. More..

Media: Caribbean Spaceport featured in a wide variety of media such as prime time NOS TV news (NOS 8 uur Journaal), Algemeen Dagblad, RTL-Z and More..

about us

Caribbean Spaceport’s mission is to develop a spaceport facility on the Netherlands Antilles island Curacao in order to service the exciting new and upcoming Personal Spaceflight market as well as the Scientific, Educational and expanding Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Small Satellite market. More..

personal spaceflight

During Suborbital Personal Spaceflight passengers will be launched with a specially developed flight system to a minimum height of 100 km above the surface of the Earth. Experience more..


Stay up to date with the latest developments regarding Caribbean Spaceport. Latest: meetings with XCOR astronaut Per Wimmer, Buzz Aldrin, Will Whitehorn and More..

why caribbean?

The beautiful Caribbean island Curacao offers a headstart for spaceport development and operations by combining all the benefits of its tropical setting with an excellent technical, logistical, legal and tourism infrastructure, stable climate, low lattitude and More..